It starts with a vision – a concept for a place, a service or experience.  A robust financial plan begins as a sketch and expands as strategies and designs advance, just as an architectural plan evolves from a concept sketch into construction drawings, with detail added at each step. The result is a thoughtful business plan that provides a strategy and road-map to make the vision a reality.  By integrating financial planning and analysis into each step of the planning process, a foundation is laid for responsible financial management, defining objectives and benchmarks to proceed through each phase of development.

We work collaboratively with land planners, architects and marketing professionals to expand a concept into a well-crafted business plan to execute on the vision. This approach streamlines the planning process by incorporating research and analysis to quickly converge on a successful development strategy.  For small firms and startups, we reduce time and costs by developing the schedules, budgets and timelines required to advance the project before incurring the overhead expenses of staffing a full development team.


Financial projections are naturally bound by the accuracy of the assumptions.  We minimize the risk posed by uncertainties by using sensitivity analysis to identify significant variables and scrutinizing each to establish an accurate range of outcomes.  With a hands-on approach to research, we draw data from multiple sources; leveraging industry contacts, interviewing vendors, and visiting potential competitors to gather pertinent data and useful insight. Once the research is complete, we summarize the results into presentations and offering materials for partners, lenders or investors, highlighting the project’s merits, the research performed and sensitivity to risk factors.

Financial Planning and Analysis

We establish the basis for budget management, reporting and re-forecasting early in the planning phase, creating financial forecasts that evolve as the project advances and incorporating variance analysis at each juncture. By creating a financial plan and management tools that capture these tasks from the onset, the recurring review and update of budgets and performance becomes ingrained in the project management process, rather than an additional task that is performed sporadically.  This discipline keeps participants focused on the performance of the project as a whole, enhancing results by directing resources where they are most needed.

Spruce Creek Partners fills a need for small or growing firms that desire professional financial planning, analysis and management solutions without the added overhead of maintaining an in-house finance team. We assist small developers review and plan potential deals or add capacity to growing firms as needs arise.